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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Analyzing the Subtle

Lately, maybe for the past couple months, I have really been studying actors. I've been taking notice at all the little subtle things they do with their characters. One the movies i have been studying ALOT is Lars and the Real Girl. I love this movie, its in my top 5. The characters are very unique and have little subtle things they do. I study Ryan Goslings the most in this film, he plays Lars.

Example: one of the things is the way he blinks. You may think that its not important that he blink a certain way but it really adds and shows the character of Lars. Gosling will do like a 'hard blink' every so often. Another thing he did in one scene, i would have to point it out its hard to explain, but its just the way that he moves his hand when he ask the two women to leave the room so he can talk to Bianca (the doll).

Another example from Lars. At the very beginning, Karin walks out the house. As she goes to close the door behind her it doesn't close at first so she has to try again. Its subtle but it adds so much realism to the scene instead of her perfectly closing the door. The actress just kept going, staying in character. It gives it less of a 'scripted' feel. Its also a great choice by the director. I've learned that when I direct I will let the actors go with the scene to give it that realism and not worry if something isn't done 'perfectly' or a 'perfect situation.'

If you haven't seen the Dark Knight, you need to. This is definitely another film i will study once it is out on DVD. i'll study all the little things that Heath Ledger did with the Joker character. He did an awesome job.

Just every time i watch a movie i look for all the little things the actors do to add to the character and the scene. It has got me wanting to do a little bit of acting myself :)

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Courtney G. said...

Both were great flicks!

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