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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Been a while...

since i've blogged or really expressed my thoughts with anyone. {im not gonna tag anyone i just wanted to share and if you read. great! :) }

So now i work at CBN every monday and tuesday night as a camera operator for the Spiritual Gifts Seminar. I really like working with everyone, they are a great team. (im not just saying that.) I would have to say as far as work environment this is the best job i've had. Yes working in copy services and mail room is great it just doesn't compare working in the presence of God during a service like at the seminar. Its just really refreshing to be around that while working.

At times its hard to be in the presence of God and not being able to engage. I know the last show of this year it really got to me. The worship was amazing and God was moving but i couldn't focus on the worship i had to focus on getting the net shot. by the end everyone was up front getting prayed for and it was awesome. I was almost depressed that i was so close to God but yet so far from him. He was right there in front of me and all around me but i couldn't give him my full attention.

Not being able to go to church much because of school really made that hard. It was like i was being taunted. Like someone waving God in my face knowing i couldn't do anything about it. I know thats not what was going on but thats definitely how it felt.

BUT!! afterwards a bunch of people prayed for me and i got a word from God and it was all worth it. God just keeps teaching me patience, which is good. over the past year i've lost some of that.

Lately ive found myself EXTREMELY restless at night. I just have this burning desire to be creative. to take photos or to work on a film. I cant sleep its in me so much. Thats why im still up right now when i should be sleeping. I just want to create something visual. If it wasn't so cold out or i had faster film i would be out taking photos.

It bugs the crap out of me and i asked God why i have this desire so much then he reminded me what someone said in a sermon one time. I don't remember the quote exactly but it goes something like....when God puts his desires in your heart and your doing what he wants you to do it creates a burning fire in your heart even so much that you get restless and even can't sleep at times. its a good feeling to have, im willing to lose sleep and know that ive doing what God wants me to do then to have a couple more hours of sleep some nights.


Just something to think about and reflect on. There were three verses that i really meditated on everyday and tried my best to follow when it came to my attitude. I admit i had stopped thinking about these verse for a while but have began meditating again.

" quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry." - James 1:19

"Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves. Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others." - Philippians 2:3-4

"And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love." - 1 Corinthians 13:13

Of these i would have to say that the second one is the most difficult. Considering others better than yourself can be very hard especially when its someone who seems far from God. but then you have to remind yourself that you too are a sinner and no sin is greater than the other.

these three verses reflect the three things i believe in most: Patience, Humility and Love.

"to know Him i must kill pride"

Monday, October 6, 2008

No Time

Oct. is without any doubt the busiest month of the year. Almost every day i will be working on a film. Whether it be producing, DP, directing, Cam op. or PA.

So if anyone wants to do anything its gonna have to wait until next month but even then my schedule is starting to fill up.

I dont think i have ever been this busy in my life. Last semester was pretty busy but it is NOTHING compared to this semester, by no means. My mom even got upset with me because i havent been answering my phone.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Photography Award!

Back in June I entered 3 photos in the International Photography Awards. Winners would receive money and the Lucie Award.

Today they finally announced the nominees of all the categories. I had entered into three different categories. One in Music, Architecture, and Interiors. I received "Honorable Mention" for the photo that I entered in the Architecture category. I didn't win anything but its something I can put on my portfolio. Also it will be published in the Annual International Photography Awards Book.

I was pretty excited about it! :D I didn't think i would get anything especially since they had over 22,000 submissions.

I don't want to put the photo on here but i will have it online soon, hopefully. I'll make another blog entry once its online :) OR you can just ask me to see it and ill show you :P

I've already got a phew photos lined-up for next years competition.

(I hope this doesn't seem like bragging, not my intentions.)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Weapon of Choice - Minolta

This past week I have added to my Minolta SLR collection. I bought a Minolta SRT-201 camera with a 50mm lens and just today i bout a 100mm Macro lens with 1:1 ratio :D im uber excited about that one.

Now you may be saying, "Why would he need two cameras?" Well let me tell you :)

1. I can now have 2 different films speeds at once instead of having to wait to use a roll. So i can use one camera for day and the other for night.

2. Less lens changing. I could have a wide or a long lens at the same time with out having to change lenses so much.

3. twice as many shots without having to reload.

plus the viewfinder in the 201 is slightly better and easier to see through, which is nice.

Well here is a look at the additions to the collection.

AND here is the whole collection. 6 lenses 2 cameras.

from left to right.

100mm Macro
SRT-101 w/ 28mm lens
SRT-201 w/ 50mm lens

My next addition will most likely be a 17mm rectilinear lens. Which means it doesnt bend the image like a fisheye. but that wont be for a while.

p.s. im still working on getting more good shots for future the website, its coming along but slowly.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Update - Project for my Uncle

I got a call last night from my Uncle. They went to the meeting with one of the companies in Ohio and just got back last night.

He said everyone was amazed by the presentation and it was very easy to understand. The company is going to give them $800,000 to start. Usually it takes 6-8 months for them to start the process of giving the money but they told my Uncle to apply now!

He was very excited about it and the company was very impressed by the unit and the presentation. They will be taking it to other companies to show them to get more $$.

After the first showing of the presentation they did see some things that could be changed but nothing major.

So now i can say i've helped raise $800,000 and soon even more :D not a bad thing to put on the resume :P

The new nickname my Uncle gave me is 3mil haha hes says, "Its better than 'Flick'." (thats another story :P, i have diff nicknames from my uncles hah)

Sooo thank you everyone that prayed and motivated me! It was finished on time and exceeded his expectations :)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

New Phone Theme

So im sure some of you know that my cell phone has had a Transformers theme since the movie came out. Until recently i didnt have a reason to change the theme.

Introducing the my new cell phone sure you can guess...

The Joker, from The Dark Knight!

Open up the phone and see this wallpaper:

When you dial a number the numbers change color in a gradient from green to purple. :)

Close the phone and see this on the outer display:

Now with the former Transformers theme when i would receive a text or voice mail it would make the kool "transforming" sound.

With the new Joker theme, when i receive a message its: "Lets put a smile on that face, HaHaHa!"

so, dont be freaked out if you randomly hear my phone have a creepy laugh.

i was just excited bout it and wanted to share :D

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Analyzing the Subtle

Lately, maybe for the past couple months, I have really been studying actors. I've been taking notice at all the little subtle things they do with their characters. One the movies i have been studying ALOT is Lars and the Real Girl. I love this movie, its in my top 5. The characters are very unique and have little subtle things they do. I study Ryan Goslings the most in this film, he plays Lars.

Example: one of the things is the way he blinks. You may think that its not important that he blink a certain way but it really adds and shows the character of Lars. Gosling will do like a 'hard blink' every so often. Another thing he did in one scene, i would have to point it out its hard to explain, but its just the way that he moves his hand when he ask the two women to leave the room so he can talk to Bianca (the doll).

Another example from Lars. At the very beginning, Karin walks out the house. As she goes to close the door behind her it doesn't close at first so she has to try again. Its subtle but it adds so much realism to the scene instead of her perfectly closing the door. The actress just kept going, staying in character. It gives it less of a 'scripted' feel. Its also a great choice by the director. I've learned that when I direct I will let the actors go with the scene to give it that realism and not worry if something isn't done 'perfectly' or a 'perfect situation.'

If you haven't seen the Dark Knight, you need to. This is definitely another film i will study once it is out on DVD. i'll study all the little things that Heath Ledger did with the Joker character. He did an awesome job.

Just every time i watch a movie i look for all the little things the actors do to add to the character and the scene. It has got me wanting to do a little bit of acting myself :)
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